Supporter 3.0 Beta release – Help us test!

Hey guys, here is an exciting announcement many of you have been waiting a very long time for!

Here is the early beta release of Supporter 3.0, now renamed “Pro Blogs”. We have a ton of new features in this, it has been completely rewritten from the ground up:

– Pro Blog Levels!!!!!!!! And every optional module has full level support

– Coupons

– Permanent Pro Blog status switch

– Premium plugins/themes get removed on downgrades/cancelations

– Better stats

– Better blog management

– More customization/rebranding power

– Email notifications

– Every module spruced up and improved

– Front end checkout

– A new, incredibly powerful PayPal Express Checkout and Pro gateway:

Accept credit cards directly!

Allows modifications, level upgrades, payment plan changes, and cancelations by the user.

Powerful admin management: Process refunds, cancelations, partial refunds, and keep track of everything for the blog via a detailed audit log.

– And a whole lot more i’ve forgotten about!

So first off a warning, this is very early beta, and the plugin is so incredibly complex there’s a good chance you may see the occassional php error, or a feature doens’t work how it’s supposed to. This is most true with the advanced checkout process, it has only had minimal (well days) of testing, but I need your help to work out the kinks.

So for now, please do not use on a live site unless it’s real small and you can afford to work through problems your users experience.

Some things to know:

– install in plugins and network activate

– remove all supporter files first

– Single payments are no longer supported, only subscriptions now (I may add them back later)

– The Amazon gateway no longer exists, it wasn’t powerful enough for the levels and such (I may add it back if there is demand)

– If you have existing user subscriptions with the old paypal or Amazon gateways, make sure to copy the backwards compatibility IPN handlers to your webroot from the gateways folder.

I think that’s it, please please test, and report bugs here so I can work them out.

Thanks, and have fun!