Supporter and Menus (Enable or disable WP Backend Menus)


Using WPMU 2.8.4a & still rookie with WPMU.

When you go to SiteAdmin > Options there is an area titled:

Menus (Enable or disable WP Backend Menus)

I want to provide Supporters all of the items/options but provide non-supporters only a few. For example, Supporters may create links but non-supporters not; Supporters may create tags but non-supporters not; Supporters may add media, but non-supporters not, etc.

How can I do that?

If not possible, could it be included on the next version of Supporter?


  • Andrew


    I'm afraid that's not something we'll most likely be including directly into the Supporter plugin. However, what you want to achieve isn't difficult. Attached is a plugin that should get you started. Basically it removes menu items for non-supporters. I've included the links and media menus as examples and you can find the other menu items in 'wp-admin/menu.php'.

    Note that while this technically does remove the menu item, users can still access the various pages by pecking in the urls.


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