Supporter is like almost?

I see there are rumblings of an upcoming update to Supporter but as I complete my first multisite project I have one questions:

Currently with Supporter and Multisite we basically have two options:

1-Free sites
2-Upgrade sites (with options for monthly, quarterly, etc..)

There are also Bulk upgrades for those users who have more than one site.

What I'm trying to confirm as of right now is one upgrade will give users access to Premium Themes, Plugins, space (quota increase), domain mapping etc.. there's no way to limit which ones they get and charge more as they add more features?

Unlike whereby you pay for each upgrade individually.

Correct? Is this what everyone is hoping for in the upgrade? Is there another way to do this?

We can work around this for right now and by the time we get through proof of concept for our project we may have more choices.. .we hope :slight_smile: