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Hi there,

we are setting up a new MU Site and are using supporter and Membership. We want members to sign up for 1 of three options: Trial for 30 days = blog with subdomain, plugins, themes and limited space; silver = blog with subdomain, plugins, themes and limited space; Gold = option sub or own domain; premium plugins, premium themes, large space.

There shall be no sign up for a free blog. We are using as example.

How can we creat this in supporter? Any help urgently appreciated.

Thanks alot


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    There are other threads on this topic. Supporter does not currently support multiple levels (other than the current free and paid levels), but this functionality may be added to the upcoming version. I don't think a solid ETA has been provided.

    One option is to use the Upgrades plugin to sell storage upgrades. With some work, that plugin could probably allow a premium theme package too...but you'd have to modify multiple themes. It might not be worth the work considering that Supporter will probably do what you need shortly.


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