Supporter & Membership – Integration


I am attempting to install both Supporter, Membership, & Upgrades on my site. While I have found separate installation instructions, I could not find anything that combines them into one setup process. My problem is that I have not seen a demo or working example, so it is difficult to visualize the process and user experience of my website members. Does anyone know if there is one available?

It is my goal to offer three tiers of membership:

Free- Allows users to use the site and network.

Premium – Give users access to additional features and functionality.

Premium Plus – A few extra items

I have not figured out all of the details, such as:

– Pricing and Subscription terms for premium

– Plugins available for premium members. But as of right now, a premium member will get the following (setup own blog, market press, messaging, etc.)

Here are my questions:

1- Membership & Supporter – Both plugins have config settings for duration and cost of the subscription plans. what is the correct one to use as these will be used together?

2- Upgrades – Does this system have an activity statement so that users can see all credits they have spent, purchased, or given away?

3- Plugins – If a plugin will be provided to users in a premium package (ex. market press), should that be “network activated”. Can you please help me better understand how the activation of plugins need to be done to properly interact with Membership, Upgrades, & Supporter.

4- Plugin Settings – When network activated, also add an items to the users dashboard settings area. I am concerned that there might be some settings that I do not want users to change. How do I make sure that all settings are replicated properly and not changed by the end users of my site.

5- Upgrades – I understand the concept of how the credits work, but have not seen it in action. What is the process so that users can purchase credits. Is there a way to deduct credits from their account and issue a refund?

Thanks for all of your help. I am sure I will have more questions as I put this together.