Supporter or Pay to Blog


I'm wondering if anyone can suggest the best route...we essentially want to have three levels:

1) Free trial...most or all features, but limited quota.
2) Basic paid level.
3) Upgrade level(s) (additional quota, etc.).

Neither Supporter nor Pay to Blog is an exact match for our needs, as neither allows us to restrict the quota during the free trial period. The Upgrades plugin can meet our needs for increased quota, but we'd rather handle all levels in Supporter (if that were possible) instead of using multiple components.

So, right now we don't gain anything from Supporter. Pay to Blog seems to offer roughly the same "all or nothing" functionality we need between levels 1 and 2. In addition, Pay to Blog is easier for users to understand when their blog expires. They are presented with a page telling them that the blog has expired and they need to pay. But, we'd have to modify Supporter to present such an explicit message after the free trial.

On the other hand, we hear that Supporter will offer multiple levels soon. So it might be the long-term answer.

And I think I also saw a message or two saying that Supporter might be more secure than Pay to Blog, and that Supporter is meant to be an upgrade to Pay to Blog (which makes me wonder if PtB is inferior somehow).

So, for a situation like ours, which would be the best choice?