Supporter - Paypal payment status "Unclaimed"

We recently had a subscriber sign up but the subscription never showed up on our end.

I logged into paypal and next to the transaction under Payment Status it says "Unclaimed"

Any idea why this might happen?


    It's a borderline security notification. Paypal can;t make up it;s mind if the payment is legit or not so it leaves it for you to manually claim.

    If you have Paypal setup to send you a payment notification, it should have sent you an email notice with mention of the unclaimed status.

    Someone will need to verify this though as it;s been a long time since I;ve had one of these.


    It could mean that one of your payment receiving settings are setup to prompt you to accept or deny money for certain types of payment.

    It's not the plugin, but your paypal settings. Likely they are set so you have to manually approve certain payments. When you accept it supporter status should be enabled.


    There might be a slight difference between then.
    Sometimes it's because their payment was from a card or bank account rather than a PayPal balance, or that their default currency was something different to yours, or they are from a different country.

    Each of those alters, slightly, the PayPal commission/charge taken from the payment, so they ask you to decide if your want to incur the extra charge / risk of a chargeback. You can set your system up to automatically accept them in the PayPal settings.