Supporter - Please help me. I replaced pay-to-blog with Supporter and now....

I think I am drowning :slight_frown:
I am pretty sure I wanted to make this switch, but now, there is no sign-up page and I don't know how to set this up so people can click a button that allows them to register - then from there, be able to select their level of registration. I need to offer the option for supporters to pay a small transaction fee% (in addition to their subscription) and for non-supporters to pay a higher transaction fee.
Would someone please take a look, tutuology dot com? Your help is much appreciated.

  • Aphrodite

    Hi !

    Well, there is no level in supporter (not yet, will come soon if understood well:slight_smile:

    Secondly, any user can activate it via his menu "supporter" (or whatever rebrand name you have choosen).

    You have to explore settings to select wich themes/plugins will be "premium".

    But normally, the registration process is not affected by supporter, though you can add a "supporter" subscription option directly in the register page (I never done it :slight_smile:

  • Mason


    Ok, the problem here is that the supporter plugin is using a 'clear' class that is also used by the theme.

    I actually think that in this case, the best way to do fix this up is to edit the plugin. So, roll up your sleeves and let's take a look!

    Via FTP, head to mu-plugins/supporter-framework.php

    Scroll down to line 617. You'll notice a div with a class of "register-section clear". You're going to want to delete the word 'clear' so it looks like this:
    <div class="register-section" id="supporter">

    Save your changes and re-load your registration form. You should be good to go. I'm also tagging the devs here so they can note this and perhaps come up with an easier solution in a future release.