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I've installed the supporter plugin and I'm not sure how the flowcycle works. I see that the plugin includes an option at registration "if interested- yes or no". My question is: do I need to create an if else statement in the registration.php to redirect to a page where the paypal "subscribe" button sits?

If anyone knows how the supporter files are structured It would release this pain in my neck.


  • vason
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hi Aaron,

    What I was thinking was creating a page and hard coding the paypal button code into the html of that page but If the user selects yes they are interested in upgrade then they will be directed to the page with the button code. They will then order. So it wil be from their that they will be directed to paypals servers and then returned to my site.

    In order to link to the "button code" page from the registration page, I would need to link from the supporter.php file that is inserting the "yes - I'm interested" link; am I right? If so which page would that be, supporter-gateway-paypal.php or supporter-paypal.php? Or is it some other file?


  • Aaron
    • CTO

    You can't currently do that because you can't checkout until the blog is created which doesn't happen until that activation link is clicked in the email. Just use the forced option and they will be sent to checkout on first login.

    A new version of Supporter with some upgrades will be out shortly though.

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