Supporter – Plugins menu still visibile to none supporters

We’ve installed the supporter plugin as per install text and everything seems to be hunky dory except our "non supporters" can still see the Plugin’s tab in their admin main menu.

The supporter_plugins.php is in the mu-plugins dir as per install. Now we were using Plugin Commander, and before we removed it we made sure that everything was disabled and plugins deactivated in the commander menu, so I’m wondering if there’s something elsewhere that’s causing this.

Any suggestions please.. thank you!

  • zorag
    • New Recruit

    Hi Andrew

    It’s the latest version WPMU v2.8.4

    Looks like we’re now getting an issue with Ad Manager since installing supporter, all ad zones in all themes are giving a fatal error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function advman_ad()

    That’s the Ad Manager calls in the themes, we’ve just removed supporter and the Ad Manager works.

    Hang on, on our dev server we decided to remove ALL plugins from the "plugins" dir and also the "mu-plugins" dir leaving only the supporter install with supporter-plugins.php – the plugin menu still appears on non supporter accounts???

    Any suggestions.

  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick

    This looks great! Super work Aaron!

    Would you delete the supporter-plugin.php from mu-plugins then? Or leave it along with the wpmu-plugin-manager?

    Thanks again


    –edit– nevermind…. helps to read things before I get going. Instructions are in the file. Appreciate it!

  • zorag
    • New Recruit

    Hi Andrew

    Yes understand the AdManager issue now, everything in the "plugins" dir is totally disabled "deactivated" for non supporters. So plugins like AdManager which use theme calls may ending up giving theme errors. So using the plugin manager bypasses the supporter from disabling letting through selected plugins.

    Can you think of any reason why we’re still seeing the plugins menu on all non supporter accounts.


  • joshmac
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    @masonjames, yes, you have to delete supporter-plugin.php because it is being taken care of by the plugin. Otherwise, you will be hit with issues.

    @zorag, are you using the plugin manager that was suggested. If so, then I think that non-supporters will have access to the plugins page but they will not be able to activate plugins unless you chose All Users for a particular plugin in the plugin manager.

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