Supporter Prices Not Updating for Existing Supporters

I'm using supporter 2.2, wpmu 2.9.2 and BP 1.2.3.

I changed my pricing about 2 weeks ago, but I'm still receiving paypal subscription payments for the old amounts.

Aren't prices supposed to update automatically?

  • drmike

    Actually Paypal doesn't allow you to change the price of a subscription once it's set. I believe it;s against their terms. You're going to have to discontinue the current lower priced subscriptions and get those users to start over with the higher priced ones.

    Honest answer: Don;t worry about it. Call those users your beta folks who signed up before the price increase. In fact if you haven't had anyone sign up at the higher price, run a "Sale" where folks sign up now for the lower price before the rates go up. Probably have a bunch of folks sign up just to get the lower price.

    You're probably going to get backlash from your current users as well if you tell them to recreate their accounts at a higher price as well.

  • gregfielding


    My issue is that I lowered prices. If I'd raised them, I would have left it.

    Regardless, it seems like there should be a better solution. As it stands, I have to refund money and then walk each of them through the process. And, it sounds like I have to schedule each person on the date that their subscription renews! big headache.

    If there is a way, please consider adding an "Update Subscription Terms" button to the dashboard.

  • Aaron

    Paypal does allow for a subscription modification type button. Their limits though are that it can only be a max of <=15% every 180 days, and for some stupid reason they don't factor in the frequency.

    Modification buttons are built into supporter to allow users to change their term (1mo, 3mo, 12mo). But due to paypal's limits it only will show buttons for lesser terms, so if they are on 3 mo it will show button for 1 mo. 12 shows 1 and 3. 1 mo shows no buttons.

    You should be able to make temporary minor changes to the supporter-gateway-paypal.php file (the function is named something like modification buttons) to show a mod button for their current option at the new lower price.