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I have a question regarding multisites and the supporter plugin. I am still confused about how new user registration works.

Someone signs up for site as a supporter and creates a blog.... ie... thelazyecomama. Now thelazyecomama wants users to sign up for their own non-supporter blogs and subscribe to her blog. thelazyecomama/sharena. What kind of features does sharena have? Does it trickle down from the controls I put on the main site or now its just under the control of thelazyecomama?

I hope this makes sense...

  • Mason


    Using WordPress Multi-site doesn't allow individual blogs to create sub-blogs. To create that kind of structure you'd have to go with a multi-network solution. Essentially, you'd be creating multiple multi-sites. The Supporter plugin would need to be installed and activated on each multi-site and then I'd probably use Membership on the top or main network.

    This plugin helps set up multi-networks:

    Obviously, this can get pretty complicated rather quickly. With a multi-site Supporter setup you can give folks extra features by paying vs. a limited 'free' version, but it's not meant for allowing them to have their own blog network.

    Hope this helps. Let us know if you need anything further!


  • slpconte

    Hi Mason,

    Thanks so much... Oh man... I might be more confused now... How does edublogs handle this? I thought that was the purpose of the supporter plugin... Or is it that non-supporter bloggers can subscribe to supporter blogs? If that is the case than that is fine with me and then I understand it and that's how I want it anyway....

    I do have membership on my site. I am using it restrict access to plugins and menu items and such.

  • Mason

    Hiya Sharena,

    I'll ask Sue to drop by and comment how how they do things on edublogs.

    Or is it that non-supporter bloggers can subscribe to supporter blogs? If that is the case than that is fine with me and then I understand it and that's how I want it anyway....

    Do you mean get the WordPress 'subscriber' role on individual sites? A blog doesn't subscribe to another blog, but then again perhaps I'm confused at this point as well ;D


  • Sue

    Hi Sharena

    I'm not quite sure how you are wanting it to work on your network but I'm happy to explain how we use it on Edublogs so you have a better understanding of how Supporter works.

    Here goes:

    All users who first sign up for a blog on Edublogs are automatically signed up with a free Edublogs blog (non-supporter blog). Our free blogs have less features than our Supporter blogs (callled Edublogs Pro) and they are given a lot of encouragement to upgrade to a Supporter blog.. Common reasons they'll upgrade are to disable the ads, increase storage space, gain access to Premium themes, gain access to plugins, gain access to abillity to embed HTML code, and be able to use tools like Add New Users, Blog & User Creator and Premium Support.

    Supporter is on a per blog basis. Non-supporter blogs don't subscribe to supporter blogs. Rather Supporter blogs are used to enable extra features if they have more than one blog or have student blogs.

    They can use their Supporter blog to enable a few extra features on up to 50 blogs by going to Disable ads. You can read more about how they do this and the features these blog get here -

    We control what features are offered on the free blogs, Supporter blogs and free blogs that have had extra features enabled using a Supporter blog. We do this by using the methods explained on the installation page for the Supporter plugin -

    However, if they want all their blogs to have full Supporter features we'll encourage them to purchase a bulk upgrade of Supporter -

    They can create as many blogs as they want and all blogs are created under the main blog. So for example on Edulbogs my blogs include,,

    Hope this has helped to clarify?

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