[supporter] Several levels ?

Hi !

Improving that great plugin it gaves me an idea.

In fact I am now setting up several thematics professionnal farms but I need "level" subscriptions

as "premium", "silver", "gold" with specific parameters (plugins, themes, quota, AND NUMBER OF AUTHORS) and with integration of others services not technically linked to WP as phone support, graphic creation, live intervention on the sites, etc....

This is not as upgrade plugin which let you choose the options you want one at a time. I ask for a preparametered "packages" subscription.

For the moment I need to set up that manually so impossible to automate subscription.

Other problem, the payement. You assume that all people can have access to paypal or CB payement which is wrong. Here in morocco and many other countries we cannot since the currency is not "convertible" internationally so it is imposibble to use international payement systems.

So need a "manual" payement option, by check or bank transfert, and I dream that in that case the blog activation could be set via a mail "you've juste ask for a blog, clic here to activate it. You will be asked for the confirmation payement code sent to you by email after payement confirmation".

My total dream (I dream a lot today, since I have seen your last themes huh) is that in that case I could link Supporter with Web Invoice to generate a bill (this great plugin integrate many gateways, as moneybookers that we can use here AND manual payement)

Coffe ?