Supporter & Upgrades not working automatically

I have both Supporter and Upgrades installed on my site at It is a multisite.

These plugins are allowing purchases/subscriptions, but not applying the information to the users' accounts. For instance, a user/admin purchased credits for an upgrade. The PayPal payment went through, but their account was not credited with the credits. I can manually add credits to accounts.

Another example is that users can subscribe to Supporter, payment goes through PayPal, but the subscription is not applied to their account. Again, I can manually extend accounts.

All tables are created in the database. IPN is turned on in PayPal.

This is getting hairy as more people use my service. Help!!!

  • DavidM
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    Hi KustomByKris,

    I can see you had a bit of difficulty with this in that other thread. I'll ask one of the developers to take a look at this one as I'm not sure why that process wouldn't work as it should in this case.

    As a good way to start off, could you let us know what version of WordPress, Supporter and Upgrades you're using at this point?


  • KustomByKris
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    Perhaps I'm not understanding where to see IPN errors or how to determine if an IPN has been successful. I see nothing that looks like an error logged in my PayPal account and zero subscriptions have been applied to any user account, though I do receive their money.

  • KustomByKris
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    Here is the info for the latest transaction. This one was through Upgrades. I received the $5, but credits were not added to his account. After he contacted me about it, I manually gave him the credits.

    Original/Resent: Original
    Latest delivery attempt: ----
    Notification URL:
    HTTP response code:
    Delivery status: Disabled
    No. of retries: 0
    IPN type: Transaction made

    IPN Message:
    mc_gross=5.00&protection_eligibility=Ineligible&payer_id=GT3G9F4KU7QWY&tax=0.00&payment_date=07:38:03 May 21, 2011 PDT&payment_status=Completed&charset=windows-1252&first_name=todd&mc_fee=0.45&notify_version=3.1&custom=5_5_USD_200&payer_status=verified& Connect Blogs Credits&mc_currency=USD&item_number=5&residence_country=US&handling_amount=0.00&transaction_subject=5_5_USD_200&payment_gross=5.00&shipping=0.00&ipn_track_id=3JoVs6Qu54nKHBpYSJKVmg

  • KustomByKris
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    I have been going through everything and cleaning up the site, as well. I found two SQL queries that had not been run, so I ran them:

    CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS <code>wp_supporter_signup_stats</code> (
      <code>action_ID</code> bigint(20) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment,
      <code>blog_ID</code> bigint(20) NOT NULL,
      <code>type</code> varchar(20),
      <code>action</code> varchar(20) NOT NULL,
      <code>time_stamp</code> DATE NOT NULL,
      PRIMARY KEY  (<code>action_ID</code>)
    ) ENGINE=InnoDB;
    CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS <code>wp_supporter_daily_stats</code> (
      <code>id</code> bigint(20) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment,
      <code>date</code> DATE NOT NULL,
      <code>supporter_count</code> int(10) NOT NULL,
      <code>expired_count</code> int(10) NOT NULL,
      <code>term_count_1</code> int(10) NOT NULL,
      <code>term_count_3</code> int(10) NOT NULL,
      <code>term_count_12</code> int(10) NOT NULL,
      PRIMARY KEY  (<code>id</code>)
    ) ENGINE=InnoDB;

    But I don't know if this helps or not.

  • KustomByKris
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    I have also put Supporter into test mode (PayPal sandbox). When I try to do a test subscription, I get the following error message from PayPal:

    The link you have used to enter the PayPal system is invalid. Please review the link and try again.

    I was reading through the threads here on others' problems with Supporter and saw that permissions could be an issue. So I changed the permissions on the supporter-paypal.php file from 644 to 777 and then went to and was shown "Page Not Found" (with my theme applied to the page). When I made the permissions 755, I am told "Error: Missing POST variables. Identification is not possible."

  • Mason
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    As we haven't heard anything for awhile on this one I'm marking it as resolved. Should ya have the need for further instruction, please 'reopen' this thread and we'll continue to take a look.

    You can always alternatively open up a new thread.


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