Supporter - Whos Buying?

I'm sure it has been ask before and perhaps it is coming in the near coming version. I couldn't see it in there so presume it isn't yet, but how does the admin know what blogs are signed up? What blogs don't get ads? When subscriptions are due, which are over due?

Because I think they are not all in there, I would like to suggest these as features. :slight_smile:

Or........ and I've banged on about this for days now on here, connected into the almightily, awesome WHMCS through their API, let them handle all the boring accounting and stat stuff and leave Supporter to do the rest. :slight_smile:

  • jcnjr
    • HummingBird

    I too would like to see some sort of Supporters Summary within the Supporter Administration. The stats are great, but they say everything except who has a supporter blog.

    You can see which blogs are Supporters from /network/sites.php but it would be handy if that column header could be a "sort by" link to show all at a glance. FYI: Clicking the Supporter link in Sites view will show you subscription dates. As for ad stats, guess that depends on what you mean by "don't get ads". We use hide_ads in a global header to automatically remove ads from all supporter blogs. Stats for who has turned off ads on other blogs may get tricky.

  • Timothy Bowers
    • Chief Pigeon

    Ah never realised you could see the supporters in there, thanks for that tip!

    Stats for who has turned off ads on other blogs may get tricky.

    Yup thats the one, but it should be tricky, the data would be in one of the tables, its already there so it would be a matter of pulling it and displaying in a pretty way. :slight_smile:

    Thanks again!

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