Supporter/paytoblog/membership plugins for a BuddyPress site


Using Supporter/paytoblog/membership plugins for a BuddyPress site:

I get confused by what these plugins can do and which can work together, please let me know if these can requirements can be accomplished and which plugin I should use:

(1) All non-visitor members to have a yearly paid membership subscription.

(2) Members may request and pay for a blog(s). I may have the supporter Pro|Basic level charges.

(3) Members may request a blog at signup or add one at a later date & be charged. When they delete a(ll) blog(s) then there would be no renewal fee.

(4) Membership and blogs would to be yearly subscriptions, but can that be configured?.

(5) Members who fail to renew their membership or blog after a period of say 2 months, would be deleted, or maybe better send an email notification to the admin to take action.

(6) The membership and blog subscriptions renew automatically or optionally send out a notice of expiration.