Suppress Login window after user logs in

I want to suppress the menu visible after logging into the site since I have a custom menu. How can I display the login username/pwd prompt but then hide the menu (bottom one as per the attached screenshot) after user logs in?

I have the following custom CSS to control display of custom BP menu.
#nav_menu-2 {/* Hide the 2 widgets */ display: none;}
body.logged-in #bp_core_login_widget-2,
body.logged-in #nav_menu-2 { /* display the widgets if logged-in */ display: block;}
body.logged-in #bp_core_login_widget-2,
body.logged-in #nav_menu-2 {clear: none; float: left; width: 50%;}

body.logged-in #bp_core_login_widget-2 .widget-container,
body.logged-in #nav_menu-2 .widget-container {height: 100px;}
body.logged-in #bp_core_login_widget-2 { margin-top: -1px;}


  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Shireen,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    Is it the "Profile" widget area you want to remove for logged in users or the "Login" one?

    If it's the Profile one, then there is 2 parts to it, the right menu and then the left side, which you can hide with this block of CSS:

    .logged-in .widget.widget_nav_menu {
      display: none !important;
    .logged-in .widget.widget_bp_core_login_widget.buddypress.widget {
      display: none !important;

    If it's the "Login" widget you want to hide for logged in users then use this block of CSS:

    .logged-in .widget.login-widget {
      display: none;

    You can add either of those to the custom CSS sheet you have via: Appearance > Custom CSS.

    Hope that helps Shireen! If you need any further assistance here just let us know.

    All the best,

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