Suspended site

Hi all,

I have a very strange problem, and i hope someone can have an idea to help me :wink:

I have anti splog, buddypress, and membership activated.

Sometimes, i have a new user registration with a new blog.
All's good, his blog and his account's OK. No spam on anti-splog.

But few days later, when the user want to connect on his Blog, he have this notice : Site suspended !
(i can log in to this blog on network admin mode)

I check the user : nothing special on his account (no spam)
I check his Blog on anti-splog : No spam
I check his Blog on network admin : nothing wrong

I don't know where i need to check this problem...:slight_frown:
Do you know where i can see something on Database maybe ?

This is very strange because the Blog is suspended, but nothing wrong on the member account or in the blog informations...

Thank you.