SVG Map Not responding?

This has to do with a different plugin, but I bring it up because the problem comes since I used the domain mapping. If yo ugo to there should be a SVG Map displaying on the pages. Instead I get the ); sad face that the developer put as a place holder when the map won't show up. I opened a ticket with him, but I thought I would try here as well.

My initial site was(is) located at - the mapped site is at
From the source code, it looks like all the domains are correct.

This is what the other developer said when another person had a problem that I think might be similar to mine:

Hi, the map is uploaded to but your website is located at
So map and website are on different domains. JavaScript can’t load files from different domains – it isn’t allowed by browsers’s security rules. It looks like your WordPress uploads files to different domain. You have to move .svg map file to

All my other JavaScript files seem to be functioning fine though.

Any thoughts here would be great! Thanks!


p.s. - his plugin is from here: