swfu is undefined when i upload media


I have a bug when i want upload a media...
A choose an image, and press upload. when the upload is done, i have white screen and i can't edit info of media.

In firebug i have :
swfu is indefined
switchUploader(1) load-scr...9e2f304d2 (ligne 166)
swfuploadPreLoad() load-scr...9e2f304d2 (ligne 166)
anonymous() load-scr...9e2f304d2 (ligne 158)
anonymous() load-scr...9e2f304d2 (ligne 158)

I don't understand..

Thank you all :x

  • drmike
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    Can you please check to see if the specific error is "swfu is indefined" or "swfu is undefined"? You write both.

    Are you using the flash uploader or the other one?

    What browser and specific version of Flash are you using?

    What specific version of wpmu are you using?

    One thing to check is to see if what's in wp-includes/js/swfupload matches up with the version of wp/wpmu you're using. You can verify this against the trac for the version in question. For example with 2.9.2:


    Also make sure that within the outputted html, the swfupload javascript is getting loaded. (I can't find right off where it's being called. Sorry about that. Have some lady trying to sell insurance over the phone beside me rather loudly. edit: Excuse me. She's trying to sell NuSkin. "It was featured on 60 minutes!" Sure was. For tax fraud....)

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