Switch Template after blog creation from inside the admin area

I run a multisite blog installation and use New Blog template.It would be very helpful if there were a feature where the admin of a subblog could switch to another blogtemplate afte blog creation, for example maybe if there were inside the dashboard a submenu called "Change Template" (like the one there is for Themes)..Is that possible?

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey there.

    The current model wouldn't work for that purpose. You see the blog template works on blog creation and copies absolutely everything over from the template site to the new site.

    If you tried to do something like this later you would essentially drop the whole sites DB to re-insert the new one.

    I will move this over to the feature request forums though, lets see if this would be something others would like to see. Perhaps a feature like this could then ignore all content but just reset the settings, theme and active plugins. Any that are not active in the new template could maybe deactivated without resetting the data...

    How would you envisage this happening?

    What would happen with all the data imported by the previous template?

    What if they added products for example and then did this there could be a clash of data?

    Let me know your thoughts on this and how you would see it working best.


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