Switched Hosting - Having Trouble w/ WPMU

I switched hosting and now I'm having trouble with my WPMU.

1) I keep getting a pop up on Upfront that "another tab is already working on this". I cleared the cache and checked under the user that I'm logged out everywhere else, but it continues to occur.

2) I keep being logged out of my WPMU account on Wordpress. I don't know where or what I would need to change for this but when I go to the dashboard, I'm always logged out.

3) When I switched, WPMU showed I had 3 sites - my old host & staging, and my new one. I deleted what I thought was the old sites but now I can't activate the monitoring for my new site? It says the site isn't public, but it is...

I'm a bit confused by this all. Having enough chaos with my site hacked. Would appreciate help. Thanks.