Switched to Tempura theme- having problems with Events +

Hi there,

I decided to update the website by switching from Responsive theme to Tempura theme. I am still in the process of setting it up but have already encountered an issue.

I have EVENTS + installed and loaded with events (many more to come) I have noticed that while some of my events are showing up fine, others (namely my full moon events) are only showing partial bubbles in the date (not full event name) when you click on it..the full page with ticket offerings does not show up!
I have gone back and double checked the events but cannot find the problem. The events plug in (and appts +) are very important as that is how we allow bookings. Please advise what I should do.
Don't want to spend tons of time with new theme if its not going to work properly...ahhhhhhhhh!

Thank you!