Switching payment gateways in Pro Sites?

What happens when I switch payment gateways in Pro Sites? I'm currently using Paypal Express, and have a number of subscriptions currently running. If I want to upgrade my Paypal account and start using Paypal Pro, what happens to the current subscriptions? Will switching to Pro break the existing integration, or will they play nice?
I'm a little gun-shy to make the switch since I can't afford to have a payment glitch with my current subscribers!

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    Hi @adt4christ,

    When you switch gateways, the other subscriptions won't be able to renew properly. So you should cancel all subscriptions before proceeding. You'll then need to have everyone check out again. This will allow Stripe to get a credit card on file for them.

    Unfortunately because of the vast differences, there isn't a way to migrate from one system to the next without losing that subscription info.

    Best regards,

  • adt4christ
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    Thanks for the information.
    I don't recall seeing that anywhere in the marketing material or the documentation for that plugin. Might I recommend that you warn people ahead of time that switching in the future isn't an option? There's no way I can switch all my current clients to a new payment system now without losing half of them.
    I guess I'll have to build my own system to make the switch. Shouldn't be that hard to figure out which ones are Paypal Express, and process them as normal, and then process anything else with Paypal Pro. Is your system too complicated for that too happen? Any tips you can give to save me some time on custom development?

  • Alexander
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    Hey @adt4christ,

    I'm sorry, for some reason I thought you meant switching from PayPal Express / Pro to Stripe (the only other gateway available)

    So what I said before is only part true. When PayPal is active in Pro Sites, it will accept payments and subscriptions from either option.

    When credit cards can't be accepted with Pro, Express will always be there as a fallback.

    You can't simply move users from one system to the other, but if Pro is enabled, both will work together nicely.

    Best regards,

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