Switching to VPS or dedicated server: How do I know how much server space I need?

I'm with bluehost running a single wordpress install with buddypress. No plans to offer websites to members.

I'd like to create several more websites with the same format as above. I'd like all these websites to be on one server, one cpanel, etc.

I think I'm pushing my limits with bluehost from a cpu standpoint on my one site.

I'm looking into "managed" vps and dedicated servers. I'd like the room to grow or at least easily upgrade with the same host

My question is:

How do I know how much space I need, which plan to go with, etc.? Or at least, how does one go about figuring that out?


  • Mason
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    I think I'm pushing my limits with bluehost from a cpu standpoint on my one site.

    What makes you think this?

    You might take a look at this article as a brief introduction:

    Totally depends on how much traffic your sites are getting and the amount of content that's being loaded on the site, but hopefully the article above will help a bit.

    Anyone else have some recommendations? We've discussed this on here before (use the VPS tag I've added to this thread to read other discussions).


  • Ruth | RuthLovettSmith.com
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    Thanks for the link. II read the article and it helped a bit.

    I think I'm at my CPU limits b/c I called bluehost to ask if I could add additional domains onto my existing (main) account (to make management easier) and was told that my account was currently being throttled and that if I added additional similar sites with similar traffic I would start to have issues.

    Of course the bluehost agreement states that I can have as many domains as I want, as much space etc. but the terms of service also state that my account could be canceled or dropped at any time. Bluehost even said that if my account was deactivated, I would not get any notice - it would just be deactivated.

    I then did a search here on the forums and the advice seems to be to avoid bluehost and any shared hosting for buddypress.

    Now of course, it's in bluehosts best interest to sell me multiple accounts and I understand that - but I also don't want to risk my site being down for any period of time since I'm not very tech savvy on my end and I don't want to have to scramble to get it back up. (I have advertisers etc.)

    I also want one account where I can manage all of my sites as they grow.

    My main site is not huge, it gets around 5,000 unique visits a month give or take and is growing. Bluehost states my disk usage is around 600-700 meg after I did some file clean up. It was at about 1,000 beforehand.

    I guess I didn't know if there was a way to look at my site and know how much space I would need elsewhere for my site and then multiply that by how many sites I intend to add over time if that makes sense.

    I did a vps search here and read a bunch of threads. I didn't see any mention of how to determine how much space or what type of account to upgrade to - since there are so many levels. I'll do another search though.


  • drmike
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    I believe the webhosting industry average is about a third of the space offered but I would have to dig for a reference for that.

    It's not really something you can point at and say "Yes, that's the answer." Depends on a lot of things like what types of files you;re offering for upload, open or closed signups, how you deal with splogs, etc.

    Another issue is some hosts, even with a VPS have a file quantity limit that you can place within an account. Depends on the host though.

  • drmike
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    I think a better idea would be monitoring. I mean I know with two of my "social networks sites" that we host, I've just popped open up the server and dropped in another hard drive. And a third operates on 2 servers instead of one or shared.

    There are ways around space limits. Fox example, you could always just move uploads over to a CDN and leave your vps space for the core wp, theme and plugin files.

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