Sync Stock Levels Across Multiple Sites

Is there currently any recommended (or at least workable) way to sync product levels across multiple sites? e.g., has Product1, Product2, Product3, and Product4 and has Product1, Product3, Product5, and Product6. Now, obviously site-a and site-b both sell Product1 and Product3; consequently, when site-a sells one of Product1, that should decrease the stock level on both site-a and site-b.

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    Hey there Zyniker,

    Greetings and thanks for posting on the forums.

    Unfortunately that is not possible unless you custom code it. The inventory is managed on site by site basis and not network wide.

    But this can be a good feature where we can manage the stock levels on the main site and if a subsite wants to sell a product from the subsite they can use the same SKU on the subsite and it will use the inventory from the main site.

    Lets move this to "Features and Feedback" section and send a note to our lead developer Aaron for his thoughts on the same.

    Lets see if we get more members looking for something like that.

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  • Zyniker

    Brashell, looks like I missed you on Gchat. Anyway, tweaking the plugin to work on a site-by-site basis (instead of network wide) would be a potential solution, but it has the drawback of complicating future updates and likely causing issues with the global cart and other network-level functions. If nothing else, editing the plugin to work on a site-by-site basis and then syncing those 'individual' installs could be useful for a site designed to span multiple domains which are run from separate WordPress installs.

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    Thanks for chiming in Brashell, Sorry for not being able to get back to this thread any sooner Zyniker.

    I am not sure what Brashell suggested but I agree to the fact about complicating the future updates etc.

    Perhaps the best way to do this would be creating an addon plugin which would help people sync the inventory levels on a site by site basis as well as Network level.

    That would however need some kind of mod where if a product is added to the network site, it also gets shown on the subsites. All they have to do to sell it on their site is check a box "Show product" and its done.

    This is what I have in mind, just to share with you guys.

    Lets see if we get more votes on this one :slight_smile:

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