Sync WP users pitching TV shows with online database

Hey, first off, as new user to these forums, I really appreciate how responsive you've all been, so thanks.

I'll try to explain this as simply as possible:

We're TV producers. Aspiring producers and filmmakers of all kinds subscribe to our main newsletter.

For those subscribers who want to pitch us shows and possibly team up with us, we're building a portal where they can pitch if they become free registered users.

I'm doing that with buddy press, using gravity forms to both register new users and simultaneously subscribe them to a mail chimp list.

Once they become users, they have access to a submission form, which they fill out and upload along with supporting materials.

What I would like is to sync their user data, along with updating this data to reflect when they've uploaded files, in some kind of online database. Ideally that database would inform me that a new submission has been received, and allow me easy access to the materials.

Currently I do this by hand in Filemaker Pro by downloading and merging CSV files over and over, having people just email me the materials, and notating when people pitch. But it's been getting overwhelming as the number of pitches grows. I need come up with some kind of online, automated solution.

I would like to build it myself, so I understand how it works, but I'm not sure of where to start.

Is there some kind of Google Docs workflow that might fill this gap? Any kind of pre-built plugin or plugins I should look at? Would something like a Basecamp or online project management software have these capabilities? If you could recommend any place to start, I'd sure appreciate it.

I realize it would be easier just to hire someone (and I might eventually) but I'd really like to learn and understand this so that as our workflow evolves I can both tweak this solution and build other online workflows for our production company.

Thanks for any help.