Synchronizing to a site with buddy press

I saw a post where it said that user sync will work with a site that has buddypress installed. It is not installed via wordpressmu. It is installed to synch directly between the two sites.

But when the users sync to the second wordpress site where buddypress is installed the buddypress users can log into buddypress but they can’t access any profile links. All pages in their profile come up as page not found. Other pages work fine. If I create the user directly on the destination site instead of syncing it works and the users can access their profiles fine.

Any idea how to ensure when the user is synched that their profile links work?

My flow is user is created in DAP (digital access pass) and syncs from DAP to wordpress (master username sync site) and from there syncs to the wordpress site with buddypress installed. User is created and can log in but the profile links don’t work within buddypress.