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We have managed to publish a post on Facebook through Wordpress and all is good. We have also got the comment on the post on Facebook synced to the post on Wordpress, but we haven't managed to get the comment made on Wordpress to sync to the post on Facebook. We would want that very much.

I installed through your plugin, the Facebook Comment replacement.

  • James

    I know this is an old post - I've been playing around with a FB comments plugin we have (we don't use Ultimate Facebook, but I'm assuming that the plugin just allows you to easily add FB comments to your blog?). There is a setting in the actual FB comments moderator area that allows you to turn on 'mirroring' to a facebook fan page. This won't work for previous posts published before you turn it on, and it can't be turned off for posts that are published while it's on, so you'll want to be cautious using it. When it is activated, posts shared on your fanpage and the comments area on your blog will be mirrored.

    It's a pretty cool effect, but as Facebook 'warns' the commenter that their comment may appear on your fan page (and vice versa), take in to account that some users may not comment because of that.

    Toward the bottom of this page there is a great writeup on moderation and mirroring:

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