Syncing Marketpress and Affiliates plugins

I have Affiliates and Marketpress installed on the following site:

Are there any settings necessary to make the two plugins work together? I need to make sure sales are being credited to the right affiliates obviously.

Affiliates seems to be tracking links as expected. Do the two plugins work together out of the box? I don't see any settings in either plugin that refer to the other.

  • christian

    When I visit the add-ons section, I see Marketpress listed, but it says it's not installed. I do have it installed.

    I feel I may be thinking about these plugins from a different angle than what's intended. Here's what I'm doing:

    1. I have a multisite where the primary blog is mine. From this site, I want to manage the affiliate payments.
    2. On the same network, I have a subsite (different domain) that I use for sales. I want to sell product from this site and have affiliates be able to send visitors via their affiliate link.

    Do marketpress and affiliates need to both be activated on the same domain in order to talk to each other? Is there any way to use these two plugins together as I've described, or do I need to have everything all on one domain name in order for it to work?

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