syncing two wordpress accounts

I dont know where to go from here! I paid, i downloaded.... now what? i need to sync my two wordpress accounts together (________/wp-admin/index.php) and other account ( They both need to have the exact same data (including comments, likes, posts, followers). please give me step by step to make this happen.

  • Paul Barthmaier

    Hi there and welcome to the WPMU DEV Community for WordPress Support!

    Okey-doke! Let's start over and I'll ask what you're interested in accomplishing. That is, what part of our awesome arsenal enticed you to come on over and begin building your own site. Obviously, it's easy to outgrow a site on Now what? Tell me about wanting both site to have the same data. While it seems to sound like a good idea, but did you know that Google will frown on that?

    Here are some things to look into: Domain Mapping could be a useful plugin for you and Jetpack will link your two sites, not necessarily sync them, but connect them in a useful way. Have a think on this and get back to us about what you're interested in doing.


  • mweber

    Hi Paul,

    I have two Wordpress accounts (one that reads and one that reads ( I want to sync them that is why I decided to sign up with this site since it promised to do that. I have downloaded the JetPack and have no idea how to launch it. I just want the two to be intertwined with the same posts, comments, followers. I am thinking maybe i should just get rid of the second one i mentioed and just stick to posting on one. I did the import export and feel that they have almost the same data expect for the followers.


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