Syntax error causing PHP Notice in Blogs MU

There is a small syntax error causing PHP Notices in the Blogs-MU cron job (run from with config.php setting define(‘WP_DEBUG’, 1):

Notice: Use of undefined constant SERVICE_SLUG – assumed ‘SERVICE_SLUG’ in wp-content/themes/blogs-mu/_inc/functions/services-functions.php on line 2 Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in wp-includes/ms-blogs.php on line 765

In /wp-content/themes/blogs-mu/_inc/functions/services-functions.php on line 2 this line:

define(SERVICE_SLUG, ‘edit-service-options’:wink:;

should have quotes around the first parameter:

define(‘SERVICE_SLUG’, ‘edit-service-options’:wink:;

Thanks, and hope to see it in the next release!