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Hello team,
I have been costumer of WPMUDEV now for some time and have had the opportunity to try almost every plugin offered.
For many of them (specially PRO Sites) there are special requirements for the plugin to work well. I learned in the hard way that PHP 7.2.7 is not good for PRO Sites and it makes some features of the plugin fail. Also there are PHP additional components that have to be installed in order to get everything running with no errors.
That being said, I would like to request a full list of recommended best settings for WPMUDEV products in terms of:
PHP version
Apache or NGINX version
PHP additional components that should be installed
Current tested WordPress Version
and any additional recommendation. If possible I would like to know exactly the features of the test environment you use to replicate plugin errors reported by the users.
Thank you,

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Ricardo Valdes Brito

    I hope you're well today!

    I understand your concerns but I'm afraid there's not that straightforward and detailed answer to that question. In general:

    - currently, I'd say PHP above 5.6 version (though we're trying to maintain as much back compatibility as possible)

    - Apache or Nginx - both can be used; however, depending on the host with nginx there might be some difficulties with changing configuration sometimes; what I mean is that certain plugins (I'm thinking especially about Hummingbird and Defender) may need to write in to .htaccess or nginx config file and while .htaccess is available and easily editable on servers powered by Apache, nginx configuration file may or may not be available for you; it shouldn't be any issue if it's a VPS or a dedicated server to which you have a full access;

    Also, sometimes the configuration used is "Apache behind nginx" where the site is "served by apache" but that is behind nginx that acts as a "proxy/caching/load balancing". Again, if you don't have full access to nginx configuration files in that case, there might be issues sometimes. However, that is not related to the plugins' codes but to the server configuration itself and the level of your access to that configuration.

    - as for additional modules: if you're using Hummingbird (for gzip compression) the mod_deflate (for apache) or ngx_http_gzip_module (for nginx); ZipArchive should also be enabled in PHP if you're using Snapshot for backups but pclzip would also work (though it needs additional setting)

    As for other requirements: PHP version, additional PHP and/or server modules - that might vary for different plugins. We are on a way to "standardize" all our plugins but that's an on going process and while with newer plugins requirements (apart from some specifics due to specific tasks they perform) should be pretty much the same, there still may be some differences with older ones. That's why we need and really appreciate all the issues/bugs reports and general feedback on plugins' performance, as they help us fix the problems and address any issues that might have been missed (or that only reveal themselves under very specific circumstances).

    I learned in the hard way that PHP 7.2.7 is not good for PRO Sites and it makes some features of the plugin fail.

    Is there any specific ticket of yours on our support forum that I could look into to get to know a bit more about this particular issue?

    Kind regards,

  • Rick
    • Flash Drive

    Hello Adam,

    Yes, there is a support case opened in this link: sadly, I have been struggling with Pro Sites for more than three months now and I am not being able to get it working. It is always a new issue one after other and this seems to never stop. This is the reason why I am asking for a "secure" and recommended server configuration, so I can apply them to my dedicated servers and have this working.

    Thank you,

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi Ricardo,

    I see checked your other ticket with PHP 7.2 issue but I couldn't replicate the issue you're having on my site running on PHP 7.2 so it seems that there's something else causing the issue there, and Panos will assist you with that on that ticket.
    After his investigation, we will know more if this is something related to server configuration or something else is causing the issue on your installation.

    Best regards,

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