Tab functionality on posts/pages

Hi all
Have joined you from Cape Town, South Africa.
We would like a simple solution to creating simple tabs within page/post. type tabs that allow easy layout of information on page into tabbed sections. Or like the tabs displayed on this page itself.
Any plugins that work with Marketpress.

  • Chris
    • The Bug Hunter

    You mean like the tabs on the submit new forum post section here?

    That's fairly easy to add into static pages, less sure how you would add that into every product in marketpress.

    Would you want it on every product, as in "Item overview", "Specs", "Reviews" all seperate tabs?

    I'll have a look into the plugins.

  • Jimmy
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Chris
    You give me hope bruv. I have tried all the tab plugins i could find - they either not supported or cause errors/conflicts or create massive loading time problems. I am just looking for simple, like on But to style it would be nice too. I would have thought that this would be useful to all types of users.
    I would like tabs for individual product pages but also for resources section where we cover different aspects of subject - eg summary, theory, practice, technical

  • Chris
    • The Bug Hunter

    Okay, would this do the trick?

    It's built using the Wordpres Post Tabs plugin.

    The code is pretty easy: below is the code I used with the plugin to make that page.

    [tab name="Overview"]
    This is an amazing monkey horse. It looks just like a horse, but its half monkey!
    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed sed rutrum sapien. Mauris in arcu nec nunc consectetur sodales. Maecenas at pulvinar orci. Nulla facilisi. Duis vitae massa vitae lacus dictum ornare ut vitae lacus.
    [tab name="Specs"]
    This monkey can go over 1,000,000 miles per hour, and eat biscuit tins!
    Morbi tristique ultricies diam quis bibendum.
    Donec mattis, libero in scelerisque tempor, velit enim laoreet diam.
    Vitae viverra augue nibh dignissim sem.
    Curabitur lacus ipsum, tempus in hendrerit nec, rhoncus quis orci.
    Quisque fringilla viverra euismod.
    [tab name="Warranty"]
    Sadly, the monkeyhorse does not come with a warranty.
    Apologies about that!
    Contact your MP if this is a problem for you.
  • Jimmy
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Chris
    Your site is not showing tabs in my browser. I have tried that one too but with no luck.
    This afternoon i tried out 4 or 5 plugins and this is the only one i got to work -

    You can see it here -
    and it works well with MarketPress single products pages too.
    So far so good with this one but i still need to do a lot of editing so we will see how it holds up.

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