Tabbed "frame" menu for directory site?

I’m building an information directory and, in an attempt to make my site more “sticky”, I would like to be able to present third-party pages within a tabbed iframe or other equivalent means. I have a sampling of the type of presentation that I have previously built in html. I have received recommendations to use various tab menus, but, I get lost with PHP, CSS, etc. I don’t want to use the links to open an entirely new website. I want to open the pages in a frame, so that it is easy to browse through the pages, while remaining within my navigation system. Is there a plugin or other means that I can use to accomplish this?

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    Ooops, I just attempted to send you a reply to this and must have fat-fingered when attempting finish it. so I will give it another try.

    I have finally managed to set up iframes on a wp page using the PageView plugin. Hurray! I am using the Appliance single column theme. I set each one as a “Page”, and not a Post. I have setup four iframe pages. But, the pages are being treated as individual posts stacked one after another on the same theme page. Although, pages within the iFrames have tabbed iframes built into them, it’s not exactly what I have in mind.

    You can see my current progress at:

    I still haven’t figured out how to construct a menu with WP UI, or Twitter Bootstrap, so I still will need to learn how to make it switchable between the pages using a persistent menu at the top of bottom of the page.

    Is there a branding bar available that allows for placement of links on it? I would like to be able to place the bar either at the top or the bottom, and it could be retractable, as in using “fullscreen” function in Internet Explorer. It could also be a floating menue bar, similar to the floating social bar. But, I’m open to suggestions.

    Thank you for your help so far. I appreciate it.

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    Greetings mike.metz,

    Thank you for the additional question.

    Is there a branding bar available that allows for placement of links on it?

    Are you perhaps referring to the admin bar? But obviously it is not retractable.

    The Floating Social is a good candidate for customizing in this manner. I had at one point made it a floating “Live Chat” bar until I no longer need ed it in a fresh design but it worked great and was not so hard to integrate in my chat so I think links will be just as easy.

    Let me know.

    Cheers, Joe

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