table name prefix in sql.txt

Howdy again,
Though this question is for the anti-splog plugin I'm guessing its valid for any of your plugins that have a sql.txt attached with it.

When I setup a wordpress site I modify the table name prefix from wp_ to something else just incase someone tries to do something nasty nasty, to make it a little harder for them.

When I went to add the sql.txt I noticed that the table name created is wp_ust.

Though I'll change this manually my question is, from a programming perspective I guess is;
Is there / Or what is a way to read the first few characters of another table name e.g. my_blogs table and copy that for part of the new table name?

I know how to do it for PHP but for a sql query like in the sql.txt file, I've never really considered it.

Just a bit of rambling and pondering on a Monday arvo I guess.