Table still created when new subsite whereas plugin has been deleted.


I have a problem, I deleted a plugin maybe 2 months ago and have just noticed I have still creation of 2 tables in MySQL related to this plugin when a new subsite is created in my WPMU.

DO you know why, what can I do?

Is there a file or table in WP who list table who must be created when a new subsite is crated?

Thank you,


  • Michelle Shull

    Hi Ludovic!

    First off, the extra tables are likely ignored, and therefore aren't hurting anything, if that was a fear.

    Many plugins will leave inactive, harmless tables in your database after they're deleted to store any data you added to the plugin previously. This is handy if you reinstall the plugin later, but otherwise the tables are mostly clutter.

    You can do a few things, but I would strongly advise you take a database backup before you do anything, just in case.

    There are plugins which will find and delete orphaned database tables available on the WP repository. Most of them I'm familiar with are older, but how database tables are dropped hasn't changed much in the past few decades, so compatibility isn't really an issue.

    You can also manual drop the tables from your database yourself. Be 300% sure you don't need the table anymore, but dropping a table is as simple as marking an email read in PHPMyAdmin. Simply check the box next to the tables you want to drop (again, be 300% sure), then use the menu below the table to drop them.

    Hope this helps, Ludovic!

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