Tackling spam on buddypress and multisite

Hello i hope all are well.

I have 2 sites at the moment that are suffering quite bad from spam. Every day i have to go through and have to clear out 20-30 groups, 2-3 blogs and 20-30 spam comments on each site. So therefore its costing me about 2-3 hours a day and the more active the sites get the worst it will get.

1 of sites is a buddypress multisite and have antisplog installed which does help on the spam blogs and i have turned up the certainty settings this morning so that should stop the 2-3 blogs getting through.

However the issues seems to be the buddypress components such as groups and comments on both sites.

I am using the recaptcha signup so these are manual spammers that get through. I also have akismet setup which stops quite alot.

Any ideas of a better way of controlling group spam creation and buddypress commenting?