MarketPress: tag cloud results not accurate


I'm using the built in mp_tag_cloud function in the sidebar in my network sites. The tags are all related to sports jerseys, so I have some names, numbers, etc. When I click on any of the tags that are actual words, the results appear to be accurate. However, when I click on one of the numbers (ie; 23), the results return all products, not just the ones w/that specific tag. What makes this even weirder, is that when you hover over any of the tags, it shows the correct number of results. For instance, hover over '23' and you will see ' 2 topics' which is accurate. Click on it and all products are returned. Here is the link

The second issue I'm having is with the mp_global_tag_cloud function I'm using on the main page of the site. When hovering over one of the tags, it also indicates the correct number of results, but in this case, once you click on it, no results are displayed. Here is a link:

One other note - the global "tag" cloud is displaying tags and categories (it returns the category results fine). Is there anyway to get it to only display tags and not categories?

I appreciate any help cause I'm stumped!