tag clouds. why

Hi. I see tag clouds mentioned a lot and had a question.

What is their benefit? Personally I think they look goofy and see no reason to display it to a user, but on the back end is there a reason to use them?

  • Ovidiu
    • Code Wrangler

    they look fancy and are fun to use - would be the fashionable answer but unfortunately, I have read about some problems with tag clouds and being punished for keyword stuffing...
    it a depends on when/how/where you implement them...

    i.e. if you put your local tag cloud into the footer and display 50 tags(=keywords) on all your pages that is getting quite close to keyword stuffing....

    I think some tag plugins are putting tag clouds into "ignore" tags for google?

    can't remember the stuff 100% just quoting from memory (I didn't pursue it any further), go search a bit for tag cloud + keyword stuffing then come back and we can discuss what you found versus what other members will have to contribute.

  • AbleReach
    • Flash Drive

    Tag clouds can be like frosting, Too much of the wrong kind in the wrong place is just plain obnoxious.

    I don't like the wiggly flash ones. I forget what I want and play with movement. Makes me think that a user doing the same would be more likely to wander off.

    Tag clouds can give a quick visual reference for where information is concentrated. Ever looked at this worpress.org tag cloud? http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/tags/
    Handy! I appreciate that it is in alphabetical order. I don't like having to click to another page to see it, but I can understand why they did it that way.

    In my experiments, detailed tag clouds can mess up SERPS for long tail searches, by making it seem like the words in the tags are in the content on every page. A big tag cloud at the top of the page can really mess with your Search snippet. I tried tag clouds in sidebars and footers. I like them better in a footer than a side bar - they look cooler if given room to spread out. I eventually settled on giving a really big tag cloud a page of its own, similar to the WP plugin cloud.

    Though very few people used tag clouds for primary navigation, fewer still for small tag clouds, those who do are more likely to be return visitors who bounce less.

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