Tagging other users in WPMUDev

Good day everyone.

I've noticed over the past day or two (or three) that when we start to type someone's username (such as @aecnu) in a reply (apparently it doesn't work when posting an initial post), that the user pops up as a selection in the bottom left of the data entry window. However, if I click the user name, it fills it in the rest of the way in the post - but it doesn't turn it into a clickable link (like FB does). Was it intended to turn it into a clickable link or is this something that is not 100% yet?

Just curious because it's a neat change and would be even neater if it could actually "tag" users like we do on FB.

James Dunn
Athens, GA USA

  • Mark

    @JamesDunn This is a test. I believe you will receive an email stating you were tagged in a post.

    The question is: If you've already checked off the box which says you want to be notified of follow-up posts via email, will you still receive the email about the tag? The tag seems useful in cases where you are not on the thread or not subscribed to it, but possibly redundant in cases where you are.

  • James Dunn

    Excellent @mark77210. So that's how it works. Since it didn't convert to any type of clickable link, I was under the impression it didn't really do anything at all. I thought I had subscribed to this thread (because the box was checked when I submitted it), but apparently I missed this one. But, YES, I received an email saying I was mentioned. Very useful for dragging someone into the "conversation" when you want to include them and they're not already a part of the conversation. Kind of like when I was answering someone's question last night and I knew of another user (@aecnu) that had the expertise to both verify my answers and correct anything that I had wrong. I mentioned him (not realizing that's how it worked), so he got an email (like I did) that notified him so he could visit the thread. Now, this is very, very useful. Kudos to the developers with WPMUDev.

    Thanks @mark77210 for clarifying this.


  • Arun Basil Lal

    Hey guys,

    Here is a brief on how this works.

    - All users who have posted on a thread will show up in the list. (by list I mean the list that would pop-up after you type @ and two characters). In this case, I would have @mark77210 and @JamesDunn
    - All staff members are always in the list on all threads.
    - If you have already subscribed to the thread, you won't get an email notification
    - If you haven't subscribed, you will get an email saying you were mentioned in the thread.

    if it is linked up as in Facebook, that would be super cool yes :slight_smile: Let me ping @VeBailovity :slight_smile:

    Hope this clarifies it. Cheers!

  • Arun Basil Lal

    Hey @JamesDunn

    The tagging system is mainly intended to reach out to the staff. So if you want someone to take a look at something, just throw in a tag.

    We all follow our replies and threads using RSS feeds, these tags come in as emails. Also helps when you want a dev to look into a thread.

    Tagging users will come with its own set of troubles. Like @mark77210 have pointed out, that would need some sort of opt-in system. We already get many complaints regarding the newsletters we give out.

    One another reason I can think of would be the massive number of users the system have to deal with. There are about 70,000 users in the system, some of them active, others are in active.

    I believe some sort of PM mechanism is in the making as well, maybe once that comes out, you can use that to ask users input?

    btw, not many knows about the tagging system yet, you guys are sharp :slight_smile:

  • James Dunn

    @Arun Basil Lal

    70,000 members??? WOW - had no idea the community is that large. When you only see about 100 or so active (and a lot of them are staff), we look like a tight knit and very close community.

    Personally, I'd be willing to be tagged on anything that anyone wanted my input on. Can't believe that people complain about the newsletters though. If you don't want to read them, either delete the newsletter or unsubscribe. I guess I read far too much or am just too doggone interested. Legitimate stuff, I don't think I ever complain about. If it get tired of a newsletter, I just unsubscribe.

    James Dunn
    Athens, GA USA

  • Arun Basil Lal


    70,000 includes both active and inactive members, even when users leave we keep the profile so that they have it when they choose to come back.

    I am not sure if I should be giving out the actual stats of live members, but I would say this, if all of them decide to post here on any given day, the support staff would only be able to deal 2% of the threads max (no exaggeration here, and based on the number of threads we handle a day currently). Most of the users do not take part in the forums.

    And yeah, newsletters, all of them have the un-subscribe link, that is a sad story.

    Like I said before, people like you and Mark are one in a million. You guys are awesome (me too :stuck_out_tongue: lol

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