/tags page doesn't show anything


I have installed this plugin and as well as Post indexer plugin.

BUT - domain.com/tags page doesn't show tags :slight_frown:

I think I have done everything according to instructions..


  • kshengelia

    By the way, I have encountered a problem on same page, though tags work fine, I have added some text (like on wordpress.com: "these are what our bloggers writing about...." something like this) and this text was added twice before the tags.

    What can be problem?

    Have to add, that it only duplicates on /tags page and when I go to specific tag page for example - domain.com/tags/news there isn't duplicated.


    Another thing, when I hove one of the tags, it doesn't say how many posts are related to this tag. it just says "recent post(s)" and not "2(or some another digit) recent post(s)"

  • kshengelia

    Hello David,

    By adding text to the page, do you mean that you added text in the plugin code so it would display on that page?

    No (that works?), I have opened tags page from "Pages" menu and the html content was clear, so I have just inserted there 2-3 sentences and saved. This text is duplicated.

    Also, I haven't seen that occur with the numbering of the tags. Could you try creating a test post using one of those tags and seeing if having more than 2 tags, it displays properly?

    I am not quite sure if I've understood this well, but I'll try to answer - I have created two posts on different sites with same tags, in this case - tag "another", so there are two posts related to tag "another" and 1 post to other tags, so "another" tag is in bigger font and this is fine, but when I hover, it doesn't say that there are two posts related.

    Look at it:

    I made picture - difference between my and wordpress.com tags: