Tags Page Pagination on Buddypress Default

I've created a screen capture to illustrate the issue: http://screencast.com/t/Of308yx5

I've noticed it's also referenced here: https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/scholar-theme-global-site-tags-nav-menu-formatting-problem

Perhaps as a stop gap measure, can someone explain what David Payne did: I'd be happy to exclude the tags page from the site menu at the top if that solves it, as I am utilizing the tags widget in the sidebar.

What is an exclusion function? I assume it would go in the functions.php file of my bp-default child theme.

As an alternative, I'd love for the tag page to work, but if it's not BP compatible, the widget is certainly an acceptable sub.

  • DavidM
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    Hi mrjarbenne,

    Hmm, it does seem to have an issue when working alongside the default BuddyPress theme, which really is odd.

    You can use the following plugin to exclude the Tags page from the menu, it provides a checkbox in the Tags page that you can untick to hide it from the menu.

    You could also potentially remove the menu item very simple by grabbing the menu item's class name using Firebug for Firefox or Google Chrome's inspection tool, then including something like the following in your theme's stylesheet.
    .page_item page-item-29 {display:none;}

    If the BP default theme used custom menus, I don't think this issue would exist, but it's something we'll have to get checked out with the developers here.

    Hope that helps!


  • mrjarbenne
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    This is one of those silly fixes. I followed all of the installation instructions and created the "tags" page as indicated. After posting this forum topic, I set the tags page to "draft" so that it would be hidden from users until I found a fix. It ends up that even without a "tags" page, the widget still seems to go to a page where the links related to the tag are displayed. It means I don't have a full page tag cloud, but does mean that the functionality from a widget perspective is fully functional.

  • mrjarbenne
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    I'm not sure that I should perhaps create a separate post for this issue, but it does carry on with some similarity with the buddypress compatibility issue. I'm finding an interesting conflict between the Global Site Tags option and the Additional Sitewide Privacy options plugin. Tags from sites that are private to network users, or private to subscribers still appear in the Sitewide Tags cloud for all users (and the general public dependent on your privacy settings of your main site) but they are not available via the Tags page, even if the users have permission to view them. I've illustrated it here via screencast: http://screencast.com/t/ErabP6yOGm

    Perhaps something along lines of this plugin from @boone which helps to block posts from the activity stream if members do not have the correct permissions to see them: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/bp-mpo-activity-filter/

  • DavidM
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    Hi mrjarbenne,

    It generally is best to create a separate thread so that earlier issues don't get overlooked. If you could go ahead and create a new thread on this issue with the Multisite Privacy plugin and Global Site Tags, we can take a closer look at that in specific.

    I've also asked the developer to have a look here regarding the BP default theme and the Tags menu issue.


  • mrjarbenne
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    Just as a heads up to others who may be experiencing this glitch. Setting the page to Draft doesn't solve it: I could see it, based on the fact that I had created the page, but no other users could.

    Also, although I could never get the the CSS as David included it there to work, I was able to hide pages using this method:

    ul#nav li a[title="Site Search"]{display:none;} Where the title in this case would be Tags. I'm having the same issue with the Global Site Search button popping up a few pixels when activated. I"m wondering if it's something do do with my theme (Child of BP Default), but the only thing that I've really done to change the theme from the basic default is colour changes.

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