Taking over the Post Status "Locked" or "Unlocked" from template

Dear Experts

Thank you for providing so much plugins and also your Support.

I am using New Blog Templates and I would like to Takeover the Post Status from the template to new created sites. I tried with the Option Lock Posts/Pages under the template, but this will Lock all Pages in the new created site. Is there any way I could bring the plugin to check for which page has to be locked?

If this is not supported, would it be possible in an easy way to set this somehow scripted? I could also imagine (I don’t know if this is possible) to have a script let me do that, doesn’t matter if it is hardcoded which page is locked or not, but important would be that each new created site based on a Specific plugin has predefined “Post Status”. The reason why I am trying this, is that I would like to offer Sites with pages (example pages) that a customer can edit, but some pages should be locked, like Impressum etc.

Any Ideas how I could solve this? Or any Setting or plugin helping me with this Task?

Kind Regards,