Targeted email functionality

Hey guys,
I have a suggestion that I am sure will benefit all the enewsletter users and will up the value of this plugin as well.

Is it possible to build in targeting by profile fields in BP? For instance, if I set up a Gender and Location field in BP and I have 50 Males and 50 Females - when I send a male target newsletter I hook it to send to all the users that have selected Male in the custom profile field.

Likewise, I can send targeted emails to location based users. The plugin should just allow me to choose from the the custom profile fields if I want to target my users. This would be a powerful feature for us, our users (will not get unnecessary newsletters!).

Imagine how much emails can be targeted if we can combine custom profile fields, we can send to all males, who are above the age of 21 who live in XXX City. Assuming that the custom profile fields of Gender, Birthday and City and Country were created.

So - what do you think? Doable?