Targeting users through profile information – can it be done

I have Membership, and I think the Newsletter plugin might do a lot, but not all. So here’s my question.

This is what my client wants in an ideal world.

User Signs-up and pays for Gold membership. They choose – ‘yes, send me vouchers’. Then they say (via some tick-box choices) what they like (lifestyle, financial, homeware, holidays), what they earn and some other details. They choose to get voucher code by email OR sms (text msg).

They then get sent vouchers to use for services off-web.

To ensure they get only relevant vouchers the vouchers are sent based on the info the user entered (so if they earn £15k a year, we don’t send offers for £million pound cars!!)

Newsletter Plugin enables subscribing, and general grouping – but nowhere near as specific as required.

Can I even build such a ‘clever’ set-up on wordpress? Or would I need to buy something proprietary?

Can I build something that sends sms from wordpress?

Hope it’s ok to ask, and thanks for any advice you can offer.