Tasks + Users + Reviews Question

Hello there--

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Hoping you can help me.

I would like to make a public profile page for my users which would show the following sections on the page:
1. Profile Avatar and other custom fields that I've selected for each user to fill out,
2. Send message button,
3. Start a Job button,
4. Block user button,
5. Reviews

Only users with the profile "Hire" can "Start a Job".

Once the Job is started it will show up as pending in the private user profile page of the "Freelancer".

The "Freelancer" profile can approve or deny this task. If he approves then it will send a message to the "Hire" profile that the job has been accepted. They can then get in touch with each other through private messaging. Once the job is completed then the "Freelancer" can go to his private profile and click complete. This enables the "Hire" profile to submit a review on the "Freelancer" profiles public page.

Is this at all possible? I've looked everywhere and it seems I will need to build this from the ground up.

Any direction you can provide me to accomplish this would be very helpful.

Thank you much for the great support as always.