tax exempt if shipping out of state

has anyone used market press to be able to purchase items and have them shipped out of state? if so, how do you handle not charging tax on out of state shipments? in Texas, if you ship to an out of state address they don't pay tax.

  • Catrina

    Hi cspub,
    Wow, I may be able to help someone instead of always being the one witht he question.
    I solved the tax problem by letting Pay Pal deal with it. They have only table rate shipping Marketpress table rate is by price Pay Pal table rate is by number of items (both are not a solution for me) however; Pay Pal will let you charge tax for purchase made in your state and not charge tax for out of state sales. You can set the tax rate for your state. I realize this is only a solution if you use pay pal, but it is working for me for now. Eventually I would like to collect credit card info on my site, but other problems are more pressing.
    Hope this helps,

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