Tax issues

So Friday I set our tax up so that Oklahoma sales would charge 8.5%.

Unfortunately when I came in this morning, I had people that were charged tax for states other than Oklahoma. About 75% of the orders were taxed, regardless of whether they were in CA, IL, IN, etc.

There's not a lot of options here so I'm not sure how I could have messed this up.

Not to mention, we have physical locations in two states, so really I need to charge a tax rate for all Oklahoma and Arkansas sales. I hope we can get this fixed soon.

  • DavidM

    Hi Tony,

    I suspect it might involve a bit of custom development to have the plugin charge taxes for both Arkansas and Oklahoma, but it's really strange it'd be charging taxes for some and not others, regardless of location.

    Could you let us know what payment gateways you're using?

    Have you noticed any pattern to which purchases are charged taxes and not? Were the ones not being charged taxes downloads, or did they have variations to them?

    Also, you're using the latest versions of WordPress and MarketPress, correct? And is this a Multisite?

    Oh, and could you let us know what you've set for "Apply Tax To Shipping Fees?" and "Enter Prices Inclusive of Tax?" options at Products > Store Settings > General?


  • Tony

    We are using Google Checkout and Paypal Express checkout.

    Only the orders processed through Google Checkout were being charged Oklahoma Tax. It didn't matter what state they were from. All paypal express orders processed as they should.

    Yes wordpress, no just a store, not a multisite.

    No tax to shipping and no prices inclusive of tax.


    P.S. Since this company is licensing and franchising, we may be in a situation soon where we have to charge tax for multiple states. It would be great if marketpress had 3rd party plugins like some other carts have. Obviously you guys don't have time to program or think of everything. There are only so many hours in a day!

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