Tax Rate Based On Purchaser's Location

Hi Guys,

First off, thanks for all of the efforts on Marketpress. It's looking to have been well worth the wait!

There is only one thing that I need to sort out before I go live with my new store. The current shopping cart that I am using ( ) adjusts tax rates based on purchaser's location.

My understanding is ( anyone feel free correct me if this is wrong ), according to Canadian tax law, online businesses in Canada need to apply tax rates based on purchaser's location. So if the purchaser lives in BC and our business is in AB, the purchaser would be required to pay BC tax rates.

If this is true, is there any way to configure Marketpress to apply tax rates according to purchaser location?

I don't mind doing some coding ( I've already built a payment gateway plugin for Beanstream ), so just looking for some guidance/suggestions.